For decades the art of performing a ‘Pertharm’ has gone almost un-noticed in the larger skateboard community. It has sort of slipped through the cracks. To the point where people don’t talk about how phenomenally excessive it is because to understand the drive to perform such a feat is unfathomable.

But first, what is a so-called ‘Pertharm’? It’s origination of the first person to do one is yet unknown but I remember seeing them from local skaters growing up in Perth Australia, after numerous video parts being put out from people around my area, a term perhaps dubbed by the critical-lashing mass of Australia’s skateboard audience, it’s grown from being something you do occasionally on the off chance into a habitual religion for some.  Today, it’s a common term around the City of Perth, often used to ridicule.

A correctly performed Pertharm refers to throwing your arms out wildly upon landing a skateboard trick to emphasize it’s difficulty. To correctly perform a Pertharm your elbow must be higher than your shoulder, however to amplify the effect of a ‘Pertharm’ your arm must imitate an ‘L’ figure.

The longer the position is held, the more successful the ‘Pertharm’.

Lets take a look at the top 5 Pertharms ever to be accomplished.


1. Barry Mansfield.

Perth’s own and perhaps pioneer of the term. Heavy parts in such an isolated city means intense local exposure. His trend in skating in Western Australia has excelled into a style savant and he immerses himself in his technique. However, his Pertharming is no match for sensitivity. He may be able to pop over a human being, but be careful, as Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump once said to Bubba on arrival at the Vietnam war ‘better tuck that lip in or you might get it caught on a trip wire’, we can relate this in the same way that ‘better watch that Pertharm or you might get it caught on a power line’. Thanks for the flail Barry.


2. Dylan Reider

What can be said about Dylan Reider’s arms that hasn’t already been said about Charlie Sheen’s pill addiction. They’re wild, relentless, and the consistency is more than enough. Reider’s been a repeat offender of Pertharming, maybe someone who’s influence could have blown this whole thing out of proportion, although he’s well dressed, the Pertharms he illustrates are so strong he may as well instagram straight flexing. If you would like to take a plunge inside the world of Pertharming, take a stroll into the creation that is his gravis part for almost 5 minutes of the most concentrated Pertharm part. Team handsome has never been so aesthetically excessive.


3. Sean Pablo

A teenage trend setter. He’s young, tucks his shirt in and is a prime example of an influential pubescent minority. Since the debut of cherry, I still haven’t been to a city where some kid will have a slick back grease haircut, and singlet tucked in to match. The same principle applies to when talking about Pertharms, it seems to go hand in hand like coffee and cream. Tuck your wife beater in and pitch your arms into the air when you pop up small curbs thus to accentuate how challenging growing up with rich parents is. Bad boys for life.


4. Eli Reed

If you start an apparel company named after yourself, I’d be expecting some high quality high fashion designer garment with deep roots embedded in its history, not in Eli Reed’s case though. I was astonished seeing his organika part but the only thing I had to say was that I may aswell have been watching one of those lame-ass compilation of ‘best east coast skateboarding’ videos you randomly stumble across yet never click in the suggestions box on YouTube. Because there were so many different style changes, I could have sworn I saw a cameo of Aaron Herrington and Dylan Reider, and bits of Dill. Nevertheless an intense Pertharm was thrown during Dylan Reiders section came on, bravo, an ode to Pertharms most notorious content creator.


5. Stevie Williams

When you start your own career and give yourself last part with you acting out taking a bullet for a kid, you’ve pretty much taken one giant bad nude selfie and put it online for everyone to see, lol just dirty ghetto kidding, its Stevie Williams he can do whatever he wants. But this Pertharm isnt DGKidding. This ones not as intense as the others, but nonetheless it makes the cut.

Although all these skaters are somewhat ‘guilty’ of pertharming, their credibility as good skateboarders with added flavor is not. We’re all somewhat guilty of pertharms these days, its just apart of todays vivid skate scene in. So next time youre out in the street, do some small ollies and throw your arms in the air like your calling for help stuck at sea. Thank god for Pertharms!

article by Chris Luu