This chapter of the Curbside Diary stops off in three spots across our fair city and includes Issa Hassan, Gabe Kovesi, Phillip Marshall, John Hardless, Jeron Chow, Ethan, Mitch Cunningham, Quentin Guthrie, Quayde Baker, Eugene Stewart, Robbie Partington, Ben Weir and Tom Bentley. With the trick highlight being Harry Clarks switch shuvit down the four flat one and the standout lifestyle hammer being the Curbside lunch date or perhaps the shell spins.

_4192717Quentin filming with Harry down at the entertainment centre.


Curbside lunch break is tradition. On the other side of the street is the four flat one being sessioned.


Quayde Baker tumbles into a shell spin.


Quayde gets up to dust himself off and try again.


Harry’s not shy of the odd shell spin either.


Harry Clark busting out a switch pop shuvit.


Gabe Kovesi found a good chair to view from.


Justin Lloyd filming lines with Tom Bentley on the camera.


More of the crew hanging out. Thanks for checking in.