The Diary is back with one of the chillest sunday sessions of 2016 so far. This year has been hot as fuck out there man. Over 35 degrees for a week in a row was making it hard to enjoy being out skating in the daytime. We finally got a blast of fresh weather and the homies came out from the air-conditioned comfort for a roll in the city.


First stop was this freshly built gem of a spot. Everyone was cruising the flat and skating the couple of things that aren’t stoppered yet. Either that or finding ways to skate around the stoppers.


It was all a little bit too carefree really. We spotted a security guard from a hotel across the street on his phone. Few minutes later these two turn up to ruin the fun.


Geldi was saying what everyone was thinking. Would you look at that face. Dude was bummed. Law enforcement wasn’t having it at all.


Tensions started to rise and everyone made the wise move to get the hell out of there before things got worse. We skated on down the street to find something else.


James (Photo Jesus) Ahern was filming something with Ethan while everyone else was debriefing and figuring out where to go next. The call of Forrest Chase got thrown out there. I personally thought it was pointless to try and skate it mid afternoon on a Sunday. But the more optimistic members for the crew led the way.


A couple of stops for snacks later and here we are. Forrest Chase. Pretty busy but lets give it a go anyway.



Photo shoots were already going down.


Turns out Miss West Side was on. From what I can gather it’s a bunch of girls who give a little talk about how smart they are then they walk down the stage so everyone can see how hot they are. Then the smartest and hottest one wins. Something like that I think.


Phil was filming this dope line with Ethan skating in between the pedestrians. Everyone seemed pretty stoked on the skating really.


Dylan and about half the crew started seasoning the stairs. You can see that he means business here. Dude landed trick after trick down the set just for fun whilst all the pedestrians watched.


Andrew was getting in on the action too.


This guy turned up out of nowhere dancing and chasing the boards around. Not really sure why but he was fucking hyped on something. He even jumped up on that Miss West Side stage a few times.

20160110-P1100154 20160110-P1100157 20160110-P1100192 20160110-P1100147

I hope that guy got a good photo of Justin’s tre flip, because he was in the way of mine. It was surprising how many cameras came out of the wood work when everyone started skating. Every second person was walking around with a camera apparently.


Small crowd torn between watching Miss West Side and some dudes skating.


This guy was here.


Photographer from Miss West Side turned around to get some pics of Barry’s booty instead.


Turns out the cops came down to check out Miss West Side and decided they didn’t like us skating here either. Peep them in the background.


Phil’s like… whatever brah. We already got the clip.


Checking that sweet footy.


Pack it in boys. We outa here.


So we rolled on out of there to find something else to skate.


Caught up with some of there earlier crew at the next spot. We hit up a few more things that day. It was pretty chill and nice to be out in the cooler weather.


We ended up at this spot and Barry and Phil were checking out this rail to do some tricks over. Dudes were getting nervous about it and decided to leave it for another day. When the rail is higher then your dick it’s gonna be tough to get over so you might want to have fresh legs for it.

That’s all for now folks. Catch you next time.

Photos by Luke Thompson