SRP productions present a 2015/16 Port City Film.
Dank Street Buccaneers.
The buccaneers were a jovial brotherhood of adventurers.
Thanks to everyone in helping make this video.
Finding the spots and the sense of adventure is the reason why you should continue to skateboard.
Skating is the activity but regardless of whether you use one or not, the mindset is the most important. To interact with your surroundings. To walk the streets to your own beat. To remain creative your whole life. To persevere in the face of adversity. To face your fears and survive. This video represents all of these themes and so much more.

Video features, Dolfin, Joe, Lewis, Beren, Frodo, Hammatat, Justin, AH, SP, Eugene, Cam’Ron, Value, Ben Weir, Freo Hamz.