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Lee Johnson, triple set ollie

In the image above you can see Lee Johnson flying at a perilous speed down a triple set. I photographed this back around 2007 and still to this day it is one of the biggest ollies I have ever seen with my own eyes. Click read more to find out how it happened.

That day we had a relative large crew and were walking into Curtin Uni heading up these stairs on the way to a different spot. I was lagging behind the crew carry a lot of camera gear with me. As I reach the top I could see the majority of our group was turning the next corner but Lee and a couple of others had stopped and where looking at the triple set.

I often stopped and looked at it too. Thinking things like, wow I wonder if this is possible to ollie, before continuing past them never thinking that anyone would actually try to do it.

So I continued past Lee to catch up with the others when I heard that familiar rumble of a board being thrown down and pushing at full speed. I turned just in time to see Lee launch himself off the top of the stairs and disappear from my field of view below. Rushing back over I could see Lee climbing back up the stairs with a smile.

I marvelled at the fact that Lee had not only cleared it but had survived intact. Quickly establishing the fact that he was about to try it again I set down all my camera gear and grabbed the Nikon FM2n out of my bag that had iso 1600 b+w film in it. No time to set up flashes or I was going to miss the shot entirely.

Two or three tries later Lee landed the fastest, longest ollie down the most sets of stairs i have ever seen and I managed to get this photo you see before you.

Those of us that saw it cheered in disbelief and couldn’t wait to catch up with the rest of the crew to tell them what Lee had just done. They had to wait until the end of the week before i could finish that roll of film and develop it to show them the photo though.

Photo and story by Luke Thompson.