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Before interviewing Robbie I asked his homies for some material. They quickly volunteered some (possibly all) of Robbies most embarrassing and incriminating moments. After laughing my ass off, I asked Robbie about all of them. Some had to be cut out to keep it decent, but don’t worry there’s plenty of good ones in here. Read on to find out about dodging a flying bottle and infecting people with swine flu.

Are you Jewish or what?
Hahahaha no, no i’m not.

Why do people think your Jewish?
Maybe because of my funny shaped nose, or i look kind of European i guess.

You ever think of converting?
Hahaha nah i don’t think i will, religion isn’t for me.

How old where you when you first started skating?
I think i was around 12 or 13. I remember ollieing over a broom stick lying flat about that age. I was so stoked that i tried it again straight away and broke my fingers haha.

Ouch man that sucks! How long until you tried it again after breaking your fingers?
i’m pretty sure i tried it a couple of days later with broken fingers. Which was stupid! probably way to psyched to have stayed of my board, It was a pretty big deal.

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Fs kickflip

Speaking of breaking things. How many times has your car been broken into?
Oh fuck man. 8 – 9 times at least. It’s ridiculous, such an easy target. You can zip down the windows from the outside. Just recently some asshole slashed a hole in my window to get into my car, and my doors were open anyway but there was nothing inside so that was all good. Just cost a fair bit to get it repaired. It’s tough having a Jeep sometimes. I think the last time they stole one of my cameras that was in my car. That was a huge bummer for me.

Oh damn that sucks. I noticed you’ve been shooting a bit lately. What’s your favourite thing to photograph?
Yeah I’ve been doing that quite a lot recently. My favourite thing to photograph is just any of my friends and what we get ourselves into when we have had a few drinks. Or just any time i see something funny or interesting. Especially Mitch Brooks he seems to be my prime subject in most of my photos haha.

May contain partial nudity.

Remember that time you nearly got bottled but ducked at the last minute and it smashed on a pole right behind you head? I think you’d better explain what happened there and how you had such fast reflexes?
Me and cunny (Mitch Cunningham) are cool now though i think it was just some drunken shit that got outa control.

Whoa whoa whoa, back up a second there. So Mitch Cunningham tried to bottle you? Why would he do that?
Basically he was just being super drunk at this party one time, and was just hell cuddling up to Quayde or someone and I told him “Hey are you guys gay?”

He was like ” The hell you talking bout i ain’t gay shut up!”

Then i was kind of ripping into him like “Why are you cuddling up to Quayde all gay like. You must be gay.”

Just giving him shit for a bit of fun.
Then he started just getting real mad at me. Just messing around. So i got my can and crushed it in his face. Then he swung his bottle and some how i saw that coming right for my head. I ducked, it broke on the pole behind me and some how my hand got cut a bit. Then just as it was about to get more raw, people just split us up and Cunny got thrown out. So sorry to Cunny if your reading this.

I’m glad it wasn’t any worse and the bottle didn’t connect. That would have made things awkward the next time you where out skating together? But your all good now right?
Yeah we’re totally cool now. Apologies were made, hands were shaken, bro hugs were shared and drinks were had. We’re all sweet. Yeah I’m glad it didn’t get my face or shit would have gotten real serious, real quick.

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bs five o nose grab

Do you think Miley Cyrus is hot?
Not anymore, no way. The hell is with that weird tongue thing she does. Shits whack.

Yeah it looks like she had too many pills or something right? Gurning her face off all the time.
Yeah thats pretty much what it looks like and those weird pig tails she’s totally blown it. Which sucks because its somehow made her 100 times more popular. Lose your dignity 1 day, 100 times more popular the next, why not.

Yeah it’s weird how sometimes celebrities do the stupidest shit and it makes them more money from it. How about Jaden Smith, do you think he’s a good skater? Or Lil Wayne?
Yeah, any publicity is good publicity right . Don’t know who Jaden Smith is? But Lil Wayne is chat.

Jayden Smith is Will Smiths son. He has a song about skating and Chris Cole is in the film clip skating an indoor park. Jayden holds a skateboard and rolls on it awkwardly. Not a fan of celebrities trying to jump on the skateboarding bandwagon then?

Really!? hahaha! what no way! Poor kid probably doesn’t have many friends. No way. Well by all means go out and skate, but you don’t have to rub it in my face and try look cool and hang out with all the big names and make a big deal out of it, its just skating after all. Not a marketing tactic.

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Gap out to fs board

What’s it like to vomit on a train?

Kind of embarrassing, but kind of funny (well the way i did it anyway).One time after a heavy night in the city passing out on the train back to my house. I wake up just before my stop. I know right then and there I was about to pop any minute. Just as the train stops and the doors are opening I start running out of the door and it comes up all in one go. I try stopping it with my hands but it kind of just splurted out to the sides and went everywhere as i ran off the train and out of the station. Leaving a spew trail. Hopefully I didn’t splash it on anyone standing at the door. I don’t even remember if there was anyone around I was in too much of a rush.

Phil told me you have a tabasco sauce collection?
Its a whole variety of hot sauces really. But a lot of them are tabasco sauce bottles. Self consumed too.

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Is there any particular skaters that you are really hyped on at the moment?

Oh definitely. Phillip marshall, Quayde Baker, James Ahern and Justin Lloyd to name a few. Those guys kill it on and off the board.

So your hyped on the guys that you go skating with, the homies?
Yeah pretty much. I like watching other people that i don’t know too. But those guys, you just know what there about and there flavour of skating. How they approach it makes it much doper, you know?

Yeah I feel ya. What do you think about current trends in skateboarding?
There is a lot of the short pants and exposed ankles going around but i don’t mind it to be honest. People can wear what they want thats cool. I like the trend of people skating all terrain, i reckon that is defiantly catching on. In the end people can skate whatever they like, it doesn’t matter really and that’s the beauty of it.

Yeah I get you. It’s all skating after all and people can interpret the act of riding a skateboard however they choose.
Yeah exactly, and that’s what makes skating great, you can just pretty much do whatever you want wherever you want to and however the hell you want do it.

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Bs fifty fifty

What do you think of the new skateparks that have been popping up over here? And the ones being built?
Amazing! They have been doing a fantastic job they are all really good. i’ve wanted to see a park that just looks like a bit of the street that would be pretty cool. Something that looks nothing like a skate park thats totally random and would be good to film on but is made for skateboarding. I reckon that would be a cool idea.

What’s next on the menu for Robbie Partington?
I want to try do a few more overseas trips at some point, go on some 4wd camping trips with the homies, try film more for this GMTA video. I gotta shake my tail a bit with that, and thats about it really.

How is the GMTA video coming along?
Everyone else has been filming a bit, its slowly coming together I think. Can’t say when it will be ready though. Iits going to be a bit harder now that Bruznie has let to Melbourne.

So who else is hooking you up?
Just Momentum skate shop and GMTA.

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Bs kickflip

I heard you had swine flu once?
Yes I did. That was easily one of the most horrific experiences of my life for sure. It was two days before i left Melbourne to go back to Perth. What started out as a minor cold quickly became extremes of feeling cold even though the temperature was normal outside. Shivering violently, really bad stuff. Then the night before catching my flight I remember sweating so much and being so exhausted that i couldn’t even lift my tee shirt into my bag as it was too much effort. I was collapsing every time i tried to pack my bags. I got tested when i came back and it came out positive for swine flu. So i could have passed it onto someone else on the plane, who knows.I definitely felt like i was just gonna pass out and die and one point, it was unbearable.

So you flew on an airplane with swine flu? Do you know of anyone that contracted it after being in contact with you?
Yeah hahaha. I’m pretty sure i might have even given it to my room mate in Melbourne at the hostel. I have a vague recollection of him asking me if i had a cold while i was packing. I responded with a “I think i had a little cold a while ago.”

He goes on to tell me he feels like shit and just kind of stared at me for a while… haha
You sick bastard.
Mohahaha *evil laugh*

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Fs fifty pop out

Photos and interview by Luke Thompson