Ever since Curbside started I’ve been wanting to do a road trip and two weeks ago I called up the crew and we got the first one under way.

The van was packed full with Harry Clark, Barry Mansfield, Scott Hetherington, John Hardless, Tom Bentley and James Ahern. When I say packed I mean it. There was no spare seats and all the floor space was taken up with out bags and skateboards.


Inside the van.


View from the back.

First stop was to catch up with Dwayne “Meataxe” Robinson and have a roll at a school he knew about. This school was rad! With a bunch of ledges, everyone was amped to skate.


photo by James Ahern

We could have stayed there for hours I’m sure, but we got about 10 minutes before getting the boot and being asked to leave. So we pleaded for a little bit more time and got about another ten minutes before they started getting mad and we really had to leave.


Scott Hetherington bs tail slide

We’ll be back!

As we stand around the van and talk about where to go next Scott decides to ollie over a pole. When you can ollie this high plenty more things become  spots that many other people wouldn’t bother with. Check the insane tweak on this flat ground ollie.


Scott Hetherington flat ground ollie


The crew checking some photos, photo by Barry Mansfield.

After that we decided it was time to continue south and hit up Mandurah spots before sundown. So we towed Meataxe up the hill to his house so he could pick up his car and meet us there.


Stopping on the way to hit up Hungry Jacks for a quick feed. Sure it was quick and cheap but pretty much everyone regretted it after and decided we would be eating proper food for the rest of the trip. That fast food shit just aint right when your trying to skate all day.


Scotty getting that drink down whilst I find my burger really hilarious. Photo by Barry Mansfield

We arrived in Mandurah and headed out to this four stair with a pole to gap over. I remembered it from years ago, It was still there and still really long. Meataxe got down with a fast ollie. Whilst Harry Clark backed him up with the switch version.


Meataxe ollie


Harry Clark switch ollie

Then as we were getting ready to leave Barry starts messing around with this no comply kick flip up the four star. He’s getting pretty close and everyone is just staring in disbelief when it dawns on us that he’s probably about to land it. So I pulled the camera out again and shot a sequence of the insanity.


Barry Mansfield no comply kickflip


John Hardless chillin, photo by Barry Mansfield

After this we head to the supermarket to get some snacks and food for breakfast in the morning. Junk food was not happening twice in the same day thankfully.

Mandurah skatepark is well let up and was next on the menu for us. So we headed down there and every one skated for the next couple of hours and filmed a few tricks.


Filming tricks with Scott while the crew skates around, photo by James Ahern

Below is a the video clip of our Mandy session.


After that was wrapped up we made the drive down to Busselton to Ricky and Scott’s place. These two legends were letting us all crash at their place for the weekend and had even gone so far as to have dinner ready for us when we arrived.


Me playing a little game of pool before bed, photo by James Ahern


Harry being a polite guest and washing the dishes after breakfast, photo by james Ahern

The following day we headed out to Busselton skate park to get warmed up and meet up with another local legend Luke Shalders.


Childrens playground apparently, photo by James Ahern


Luke Shalders, photo by Barry Mansfield

It was only meant to be a quick stop in to warm up but we filmed a little clip anyway. Check it out below.


We decided to head towards Bunbury for the day and hit up a spot along the way. There’s spots out here for sure, but damn are they far away from each other. Back in the van and a bit of a drive later we arrived at the next spot to find this rad gap there.

That warmup at the skatepark must have worked because Scott landed this massive fs flip after a few attempts.


Scott Hetherington fs kick flip

Harry was going for a switch heel and it getting so close. The crew started offered up a beer if he landed the next shot. He bailed it and then said jokingly “I bet I could switch flip it easier.”

It was on. Two beers for a switch flip first shot. If there’s one thing I know about Harry it’s that he thrives under pressure. With two beers on the line he rolled up fast, popped one of the best switch flips I’ve seen and landed it first shot to claim his reward. He must have been real thirsty.


Harry Clark switch kick flip

Notice the homie filming up in the corner there? That’s Tom Bentley and he’s know for some of the fastest flips and snappiest pop. So he put the camera down and busted out this fs shuvit.


Tom Bentley fs shuvit

That was it. Session over and we were getting lightly roasted in the sun. Time to move on. So we packed back into the van again and headed into Bunbury with Shalders in the lead showing us around. He took us to this awesome kicker/manual pad which was just what we needed. Something a bit more chill and in the shade too. Perfect.


Barry Mansfield ollie

Getting the speed for this was tough. Barry had to push like a maniac across two carparks into the wind to get the speed.


Here he is celebrating with some cake after the ollie, photo by James Ahern

This spot was dope, everyone had a chill skate with some manual tricks and a bit of a rest in the shade afterwards. Check the clip we filmed below.


Getting tired of the manny sesh we ventured towards the centre of Bunbury to have a look around. Found a little bump over a chain that was at an awkward angle. James Ahern was the man for the job. Never shy of an unusual spot he ollied in between the poles and over the chain.


The next block over we found a bench and Scott was trying out a few tricks on it. Around the corner came a large group of people with cameras. It must have been a photography club or some kind of class situation. Their eyes lit up as the all spotted our group skating around the street. The bench Scott was skating happened to be right next to the corner and they all stopped in their tracks with lenses transfixed at Scotty.

It was quite a funny scene really. That many cameras all pointed at one dude skating a bench. Scott went in for a bs tail slide as a herd of shutters clicked wildy.


One guy in particular was so keen he went and lied down right at the end of the bench trying to get an interesting angle. Pretty much putting his face right in the danger zone for Scotts board to slip out. Thankfully Scott landed the bs tail again and that guy went home with a photo and all his teeth still intact.


photo by James Ahern

He aint shy at all. Switching it up to lie down at the other end. I wonder how this photo turned out?


photo by James Ahern

Up in da Camera Cluuub!


photo by James Ahern

Camera club moved on and the sun was setting so we peaked out to one more spot while there was still a little bit of light. James did a hippy jump and hippy jump 180 whilst Scott ollied over the same spot. Check it all out in the clip below.


The sun had set and we were done for the day. Back to Ricky and Scott’s pad for some dinner and chill time. Hanging out watching skate videos most of the night.


The crew chilling with some skate vids

Ricky and Scott made us very welcome in their house and it was a really great vibe being able to chill there, get a good rest and start the day with a home cooked feed. Different to most of the skate trips I’ve been on before and a really refreshing experience. Being able to start the day well rested and with some good food makes all the difference.


Ricky cooking breakfast while John takes care of the washing up.


This is what I’m talking about.


Harry and Tom playing ping pong after breakfast, photo by James Ahern

First spot on the menu for today was this awesome mini ramp at a community garden. It’s been there for a while and had a few additions to it over the years. Most recently was a complete re-sufacing and new coping put in. It was looking really slick now. Great way to get started for the day.

Everyone was enjoying a chill session until Barry decided to get buck and bust an ollie out of the ramp to the basketball court. Check the clip below and see for yourself.


After this we were invited to session a secret spot for the rest of the day. So there is no footage or photos from that spot to show. Everyone was taking it pretty easy and just enjoying the session, perfect way to spend the last day of our trip.

It was all over too fast. Can’t wait to do the next one. Any suggestions on where we should go next?

photos and text by Luke Thompson except where otherwise noted